Test Instructions
There are 50 questions in this test.
There are 5 parts.
In some questions, you will choose the correct answer, and in some questions, you will fill in the blanks.

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Important: Every 3 incorrect answers count as 1 negative score. Do NOT choose or write random answers.

Recommended time: 60 minutes

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Part 1 (30 Questions)
Choose the correct word or phrase to complete each sentence or question.

1. _____ a table in the kitchen.

2. Jane _____ a student. She _____ a teacher.

3. My favorite food is pizza. _____?

4. _____ you please tell me where the cinema is?

5. We rest and watch TV in _____?

6. I work in a restaurant. I am a _____.

7. Put on a warm _____. It is cold outside.

8. A: What would you like for dessert?
     B: I'd like to have some _____.

9. When _____ the class start?

10. This is _____ phone. It belongs to him.

11. When are you _____ visit your family?

12. Tom's sisters are _____ than Jenna's sisters.

13. I __________ late at night.

14. Let's _____ the bus to the museum.

15. Are you and your family going to __________ somewhere abroad this summer?

16. These pants are very small. They are too _____ for me.

17. I _____ to Japan three times this year.

18. Before I go on vacation, I _____ pack my suitcase.

19. Could I borrow _____ books from your library? You seem to have such a nice collection.

20. We didn't _____ send text messages when we were kids.

21. I learned so much about Italian _____ when I lived in Italy.

22. New York has a much bigger _____ than Toronto. It is a very busy city.

23. If we don't protect some animal species, they will go _____ soon.

24. The public _____ in this city isn't very efficient. You always arrive late.

25. I really enjoy _____ to Jennifer.

26. Brian can't afford _____ a sports car, but he's really into _____ sports car magazines.

27. Jason _____ the presentation for this meeting himself.

28. Kate loves volleyball, _____?

29. Brian waved at us __________ crossing the street.

30. I need to _____ on my social skills if I want to have more friends.

Part 2 (5 Questions)
All the statements below have a mistake. Find the mistake (A, B, or C). Then, write the correct form.

31. None of my cats is older than your cats. Yours are 2 and 3, but I think all they can be a great family together.

32. Tom and his sister don't know nothing about the country they want to travel to, so they are watching documentaries about it.

33. My parents are coming to my place next weekend. I have no plans, though. I think I'm going to show them around town.

34. A: Were you sent the invitation letter?
      B: No, I just received an email.
      A: Could you show it me? I think there's been a mistake.

35. Alice has worked here last year, but she quit over an argument with the manager. And we haven't heard from her since.

Part 3 (5 Questions)
Choose the correct response to the statements.

36. A: Do you work at this restaurant?
       B: __________

37. A: That will be $84, please.
       B: __________

38. A: What would you like for dessert?
       B: __________

39. A: Your favorite athlete is competing in the Olympics, isn't she?
       B: __________

40. A: Didn't you participate in the car race last month?
       B: __________

Part 4 (5 Questions)
Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first one.
Do NOT use more than 5 words.
You MUST use the word in brackets.

41. Jake eats at this restaurant four times a week. (usually)
      Jake this restaurant.
42. You can pay me back next month. (don't)
      You me back now.
43. They built this road in 1915. (was)
      This road in 1915.
44. The man is the President of the country. He's taking the subway. (taking)
      The man the President of the country.
45. She said something, and it hurt me badly. (said)
      me badly.
Part 5 (5 Questions)
Complete the statements with your own words.
You MUST only use between 3 and 5 words.

46. The election of Harry as the President of the company came as a huge surprise to everyone to win the trust of the board.
47. Johnathon has made very poor decisions throughout his life, him miserable and left his life in a complete mess.
48. Surprisingly, the fire department didn't hire Jake and Carl competence and good character.
49. Are you country where you can find better employment?
50. The politicians and journalists got into this debate can claim victory before all the votes have been counted.

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